Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Clay Plaster

American Clay 100% Natural Earth Plaster:
"Quite Possibly the World's Most Beautiful Wall Finish"
The understated beauty of American Clay's Natural Earth Plaster and their stunning line of earth-rich colors are the perfect backdrop for any room.

What is the future for interior wall coverings?  While the 80's and 90's "more is more" mentality witnessed the dominance of the faux finish, the 21st Century has taken a more minimalist approach. 

Savvy homeowners want simplicity and comfort.  They want innovative products that push the boundary between art and function.  They want softness and texture, while using natural products that enhance their homes.

So, are homeowners limited to the choice between paint and wallpaper? 

Though low odor, low-VOC paints have made significant advancements and wallpapers have made a dominating comeback, are there other options that allow them to bring texture, softness and color into the home without becoming "fussy?"

The answer is yes:

The subtle texture of American Clay's Loma imparts a softness to the walls without being fussy.

Here at HoldenArt Studio we offer a beautiful solution.  American Clay's 100% Natural Earth Plaster, applied by our certified applicators, is an organic wall plaster made from natural clays and reclaimed natural aggregates such as sand, mica and seashell. 

The organic clay plaster's natural matte finish is simple and beautiful, adaptable to most any design style.  The plaster's luxurious texture is irresistible to touch.  Because the organic clay "breathes," it improves the air quality of the home and resists dust and mold.  Best of all, it is easy to clean and touch up.  I believe that it is the most innovative wallcovering product on the market today.

The clay plaster is versatile, allowing for all sorts of artistic applications.  Here is an example of a floral wall design and background texture using American Clay Natural Earth Plasters.

Why American Clay Earth Plaster?
  • 100% Natural
  •  beautiful finish
  • non-toxic
  • mold resistant
  • absorbs odors
  • easy to repair
  • temperature and humidity buffer
  • contributes up to 10 LEED Credits
  • zero VOC's
  • non-fading
  • easy clean-up

Why HoldenArt Studio?
  • certified American Clay applicator
  • 16 years experience in the decorative arts
  • professional and dependable
  • designer references

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