Friday, February 10, 2012

What's Hot This Week on Pinterest

Thought it might be fun to see what is popular with furniture on pinterest.  I have posted a few pictures that reflect the work I can create.

I love the stencil on the ceiling.  The big bold design is very eye-catching and really makes a statement.

This next piece mixes the old with the new.  The antique table is distessed and paired with the distressed chairs.  I love that they do not match but add a great accent.

The darkened beams in this kitchen work well with all of the white and stainless steel.  I do a lot of beams.  Clients are either adding them for interest on high ceilings or changing the color to give it an updated look, even if that is a distressed look!

This table has been painted and distressed. Although I don't really like the top of the table, I think what people love about this is the fun color mixed with the distressed base.  This is a great example of taking what your already have and doing something great with it.

Fun, weathered door that adds interest to the kitchen.  

Pinterest had a lot of great ideas.  Take a look and get inspired!!  For more inspiration check out our new site