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I have realized that one of my favorite things to paint at HoldenArt Studio is furniture...any kind of furniture...from armoires and chairs to vanities and kitchen cabinets.  Even chandeliers!  Each piece takes on a character of it's own, and can bring an entirely new look to a room.  Create a focal point with a beautiful antique finish.  Do you have the perfect piece, but the wrong look?  Transform it with a painted finish!  I wanted to share a few pictures with you.  Of course, you can check out more at

The antique green painted finish on this TV built-in provides a splash of color in this living room.  The built-in was originally darkly stained (along with the floor and trim), so the designer wanted to create a focal point of color that incorporated the greens in the new fabrics in the room.  Charlotte Comer, by the way, is a fantastically talented designer;  check her out at


here is an up-close of the cabinet drawers.

Don't want to go through the hassle or expense of replacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets?  Transform them with a painted finish.  Our finishes are both beautiful and durable, and suitable for kitchen and bath.  Most of our finishes are done with low-odor, low-VOC paints, so we won't drive you from your home with noxious fumes.  That protects our health, plus the environment too!  Check out some examples of cabinet finishes below.

Remember the '80s and all the lovely whitewashed oak cabinets?  These cabinets looked that way before we put a mahogany faux finish on them.

We painted a rustic blue on this island to add to the Country French feel of this kitchen.  Karen Dawson at Interior Images in Arlington is the designer; she's not only a terrific designer, but also a true West Texas gal who is a lot of fun!

This bathroom vanity has a distressed, hand-rubbed finish in a light grey, bluish-green (is that vague enough?) hue.  The whole feel of the house is a rustic Tuscan country estate.  The walls are done in American Clay which adds to the authenticity of the place.  Karen Dawson is also the designer on this one.

Here is a contemporary kitchen.  Often, people don't associate "faux finishes" with sleek and clean.  The finish on these cabinets actually has a subtle strie'd (is that a word?) texture done in a soft silvery grey.  They are exquisite!  Anita Priest with Priest Interiors is the designer; a very talented woman who has a great eye for color and style.

I painted this table for a friend of mine, who gave me carte-blanche to do what I thought was most appropriate for the piece.  After several iterations, I settled on a faux mahogany with gold leaf accents. 

This antique armoire has beautiful lines, but had a darkly stained wood finish on it, which dominated the room and felt out of place.  The designer, Charlotte Comer, wanted it to feel lighter and to have a sense of place within the room.  I painted it with this silvery, pale oak finish that fits nicely within the soft blue hues and delicate bed linens.

I don't know if a cast-stone mantle qualifies as a furniture piece, but I paint a lot of them.  This one has a honed Carrera marble faux finish on it.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  We have plenty more pictures of furniture, walls and murals at

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