Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Be Inspired! Decorating Trends for 2013

As artists, we are always looking ahead to see what great ideas are on the horizon.  This can inspire and push us to our creative limits.  As creative consumers, you have unique and discerning tastes, but it is always inspiring to see what is coming.  So we thought we would show you six trends for 2012 and 2013.


As we get more driven by our computers and the virtual world that it creates, the more we crave the tactile things of the past.  We will see old things repurposed, such as old ship signs made into coffee tables, or old lights made new again.  Keep the ageless look and add a modern purpose.

Repurpose and Reuse

This next category can overlap with the first.  But we will take it a step further.  We have become a more earth-friendly conscientious people.  A perfect way to extend this into our homes is by using the things we already have instead of throwing them away.  Okay, because our things may be bit dated, we give them new life and either use them in the same way or repurpose them.  Take your dated dressers, add a painted finish and you have an updated piece.  Or take reclaimed wood and transform it into a chair!

 Reclaimed wood made into a really cool chair.

Old brass chandelier with a painted to finish!  Gorgeous!

An antique table with a layer of zinc.  Love it!

Left: Salvaged horse stall door reused as a pantry door.  Right: Salvaged wood place on metal hinges and use as contemporary door.


The combination of the warm woods and the cold metal metals meet and make a unique industrial look that can be fused with eclectic, modern or vintage.


Gold accents in home decor bring a richness to any room.  Gold rugs, lamps and mirrors are fabulous accent pieces.

gold vignettes via


The earthy earth-friendly appeal of these rooms speak to our love of nature and care for our environment.  This style always lends itself to a less cluttered, more zen-like environment that promotes relaxation. 

Animal Prints

Take all of the above and add a splash of animal print to mix things up and bring some fun and character into a room.  I especially love the zebra rugs!


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  2. thank you for the inspiration! love these trends. i've been wanting to explore my inner zebra or tiger stripe. :_)